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Integrity OSS

Integrity OSS platform

Generic Telecom OSS platform
The Integrity OSS platform offers all generic functions required in modern telecom OSS implementations. Including secure web-based access, user profiles, scalability, database-independence, connectivity, and many more. Based on many years experience with fixed and mobile telecom operations, the Integrity OSS platform has been designed to support any database model and any business process through a layered architecture. Separating data, functionality and presentation.

Flexible to follow your business
By design the Integrity OSS platform offers the unique flexibility to adapt the information model, the functionality and even the look-and-feel of the user-interface to current or future business processes, without losing the option to upgrade the Integrity software itself. All definitions and features of an implementation are stored in the database and each new release of the Integrity OSS platform is always backwards compatible with any previous version.

Web and Windows
End-users can be offered a Web-based Client in any modern browser, a Windows-based Client, or a mix of both. Same login, same data and same functionality. The Integrity WebClient offers the opportunity to integrate with any existing web portal or intranet. It also makes it very easy to share relevant business information with your subcontractors and suppliers in a secure manner.

Many Communication interfaces
The Integrity OSS platform natively supports a wide range of communication interfaces and gateways, being an essential ingredient for successful integration with any existing information infrastructure. The Integrity OSS platform supports XML messaging, Telnet, SSH, HTTP, CGI, Telnet, SMTP, POP3 and many other protocols, including several middleware adapters. Other interfaces include interfaces to MsOffice applications like Word, Visio, Outlook etc. All supported interfaces are available through the integrated scripting, which makes the implementation and maintenance of interfaces fast and easy.

The Integrity OSS platform has successfully been implemented in Telco organisations ranging from 10 to more than 1000 daily users. Managing large amount of information (e.g. millions of ports, connections, directory numbers or CPE’s with all related details, or processing thousands of provisioning tasks each hour). Scalability is realised by separating the core functionalities of the Integrity OSS platform into separate components, which can easily be spread over different hardware to allow load balancing and high availability.

Database independent
The Integrity OSS platform natively supports MsSQL Server and Oracle SQL databases. Database access is controlled and secured by the Integrity Application Server component.

Scriptable functionality
The end-user functionality is realised through scripting. The scripting language supported are standard VBScript or JavaScript, enriched with telecom-specific extensions developed by Frontix. The integrated scripting environment of the Integrity OSS platform supports version control and many other features to ensure stable implementation and release procedures.

Integrity OSS solutions are offered as hosted-by-Frontix too. More and more of the Integrity OSS implementations are operated and maintained by Frontix, and offered via the web as 'Software-as-a-Service'. Please contact us for more details!

On-line demo available
A sample implementation of the Integrity OSS platform is also available on-line.

Web demo...